We recruit the best, most qualified leadership talent for top hospitality organizations across the western U.S. and British Columbia.

Why us?

10.5 good reasons to work with Pacific Coast Hospitality restaurant recruiters
1. We’re not the usual restaurant recruitment firm. We find people not typically found through traditional channels.

2. We really know the western U.S. and British Columbia market.

3. You’ll save time and get more done.

4. We have the time and talent to find diamonds in the rough.

5. We’ll learn about your company and how people succeed there.

6. Outsourcing certain tasks is good business.

7. Your HR and hiring managers are overwhelmed.

8. Some candidates work only with us. (smart folks)

9. We often have unpublished restaurant management positions.

10. We’re NAPS certified.*

10.5. We’re smart and great fun to work with.

*We know current employment laws and procedures, business operations and ethics.
Our service ethos is of the highest order. We adhere to NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices. A certified recruiter brings commitment, credibility and dedication to the staffing industry.

The NAPS designation is the industry’s badge of professionalism and seal of excellence. It’s recognized as the staffing industry’s highest standard, and is the public’s assurance of quality service.

This is important >> Our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

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