We recruit the best, most qualified leadership talent for top hospitality organizations across the western U.S. and British Columbia.

All smiles and ready for work

If your restaurant is looking for for new talent—for corporate leadership, Multi-Unit Manager, General Manager, Bar Manager, Service Manager, Chef, Sous Chef—we’d love to hear from you. Here’s why.

We find people. We find people not typically found through traditional channels. Expect the best possible candidate in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassle. Prescreened and ready for work. Hospitality recruitment at its finest.


If we have the privilege of working with you, here are the beginning steps we’ll take.

1. We listen  

Before we begin a targeted search, we’ll spend some time talking with you. Specific needs. Job title and description. We’ll move through a formal process to get down the skill level and leadership qualities you’re after. We’ll need to know your education requirements and the salary range. We’ll be listening for clues about organization, culture and personality. Important pieces of the puzzle for matching an employee to an organization.

2. We get to know your company 

We’ll take the time and energy to get to know your culture, business vision, management team, salary and benefit structure. A bit like we’re a part of your internal team. That way, our best candidates will have a real sense of who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. The candidates we refer are always going to be the most qualified. And, they’ll be the same one’s who’ve become the best informed about your organization.

3. We find, select and screen candidates

We begin to seek out and contact potential candidates. We use industry software (Bullhorn), personal relationships, some social media. We’ll tap into our extensive network. Hold interviews. We’ll conduct detailed reference checks. Move through our due diligence. And, we’ll verify that any candidate we select matches your requirements and needs. We personally interview each candidate fully and we follow through with references.

I love to bring my clients a new candidate who’s a great fit. – Greg Knudsen

We also can offer you background investigations to cover any criminal or credit issues. Drug testing services are also available, once a hire is made.

4. We’ll share portfolios and set up interviews

At this stage we’ll provide you with the most qualified candidate we’ve found.  Ahead of the interview, you’ll receive the candidate’s portfolio. Inside you’ll find a resume, our interview notes, and a completed reference check form. The portfolio may also include a completed job application form and completed background check if you requested one.

We’ll help both parties manage the interview process by setting up interview times, making sure candidates have directions to the interview and a description of who is running the interview. We’ll follow-up post interview to hear your thoughts. And we’ll also follow up with the candidate. Open dialogue is important. We want your feedback, positive or negative.

5. We’ll help with the transition

If you choose a candidate, we’ll extend your offer. And we’ll explain as needed, your benefits package. When or if the offer is accepted, we’ll lead the candidate through the process of notifying and leaving a current employer. We’re happy to provide any help that might be needed in that process. If no offer is made, we’ll relay that message, too. Positively and professionally. We’re always trying to enhance your organization’s credibility. Finally, we’ll maintain a positive relationship with the candidate – who might be presented for consideration again.

6. After the hire, we’ll follow up

When one of our candidates begins work, we’ll stay in touch. We like to monitor our candidate’s progress—and your satisfaction—for the first 90 days.

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