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Hospitality industry resume

The perfect resume says, “I am perfect for this job.”

Resumes are difficult. And each of us has felt this anxiety: “How do I create the perfect resume?” When you’re looking for a new position, the state of your resume can keep you up at night.

Is my resume ready for prime time? Is it good enough to get me an interview?

We’ll whip your resume into shape.

We’ve recruited for the restaurant industry for years. We’ve hired a small army of good managers for every imaginable position in every conceivable setting.

We speak and understand the language.  We know what words to use and what kinds of skill sets hiring managers are looking for. We know what a good hospitality industry resume looks like. Which means we know how to help you describe your education and your skills to meet expectations and get interviews.

If you hire us to help with your resume, here’s what we’ll do.

  • Prepare your resume for digital and hard copy submission.
  • Arrange your information to showcase your strengths.
  • Describe your work experience and your education for best advantage.
  • Assess your history to determine the best type of resume to submit.
  • Place your contact information where recruiters like to see it.

One thing we do best is to assess your history. That helps us know whether a chronological or functional or combination type resume is best suited for your particular situation.

Get noticed. Get that interview. Let us help you get your resume ready for prime time.

When you’re ready for your resume to shine, contact us. We can turn a resume around in about a week. Our fees begin at $150.00.

Our guide to the perfect resume is over here >>


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